We’re a couple now, bitches.


#this is one of the best dacey scenes to ever exist tbh #because he goes from flashing that charming smile to ‘i’m sorry’ in literally the same breath #and she’s upset and over the entire interaction #but he halts her so gently with one hand and then the other #in a really beautiful methodical manner #what gets me about the second gif is that he doesn’t just stop her from walking away from him #he actually sort of puts her lightly in the place she previously occupied with his hands #in a very effortless fashion #and her lip bite and the eye contact in the third one are butterfly inducing #and the way he rubs his thumb completely over the backside of her hand in the last one #and that last little bit of gazing when their eyes meet before the gif loops #helpppppp #these are glorious nuances personified #dacey feels on a million

Samcedes: a summary. 


how are you so beautiful

September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

Make Me Choose: Glee or Boy Meets World (requested by anonymous)

"I will literally pay you to stop talking."

"This morning you tried to kill them and now you’re best friends?"


"the arrow cave will get fuller, and it will get emptier, but the core team will always remain intact. it’s what has saved oliver’s life; without diggle and felicity, we wouldn’t have oliver where he is emotionally or as a superhero at this point." - david ramsey (x)