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"CHOOSE" MEME -  GWEN OR MORGANA? [asked by rebli]

↳  ”In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it’s easier to think that you don’t.”  

Sam Evans + Mercedes Jones

I ship Samcedes very much. But I am getting tired of fellow Samcedians throwing shade to the rest of glee.


As much as we hate to admit it, glee is and always was mainly about Rachel and her getting on Broadway. So can we all please try to support that vision. And yeah, the writing might suck at times, but they are the same writers who gave us Samcedes and all our other otps and favorite characters in the first place. So cut them some slack.

The episode was awful and dry in parts but that’s not really Rachel’s fault. The gang hanging out and supporting her was good stuff but the Will and Sue side plot was atrocious and felt shoehorned in. It made the episode feel choppy and strange. The club scene was probably the best thing about the episode because it was bright and fun in an episode that wasn’t really either of those things.

We know that wasn’t the exchange of bodily fluids that Sam has been dreaming of with Mercedes but he’ll take it.

Mercedes: I had to blow my nose on Sam.
Sam: And it was suede...

What even was that episode?


Mercedes dancing with everybody in this weak ass song but her boyfriend

Bless Mercedes and her “I will dance with whomever I want and no one can stop me” attitude.

mindy/danny + kisses

"It fizzes like cherry cola and tingles like kisses on my neck. I think it’s called happiness."