Rachel, you know you guys weren’t dating when it all went down, you know?


"Look at this, you’re heating up."

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I hadn’t seen this in awhile, and felt like bringing it back.

…you know, we also were laughing and reminiscing while we were there. Watching old videos of Cory dancing, and our first trip to New York on a private plane and how goofy we were, like it was also times of laughter… - Amber Riley about filming ‘The Quarterback

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Joan Watson or Abbie Mills


Is it people don’t like that Sam “has to prove himself” in any relationship, or they don’t like he “has to prove himself” to this fat black woman, and obviously takes great pride in wanting to prove his mettle and his worth to her because he thinks she’s worthy of his greatest love and effort? Someone help me, because even this last episode, she told him she didn’t need all of that, that all he had to be was himself. When she revealed her decision, she didn’t say we need to wait, she said I had to wait. She said he could take all the time he needed to make a decision about what he wanted to do about their relationship since she’d laid out a requirement for herself, and he decided she was more than worth whatever sex he could have with someone else. Like, y’all, Sam said he likes to do things to express his feelings for the people he loves, and he told her to call the shots. She’s not asking him to do this; she’s not placed an expectation upon him to do this. That’s all his decision. Please to be respecting his autonomy on that like Mercedes does. 


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I know that nothing ever felt as real to me as my love for you.